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                                                           HOLISTIC NATURE


Man perceives nature
through a world of numbers.
Are numbers viewing man
also,through nature?

That is what I see...
infinity in all its splendour,
in the starry heavens
and earth!

Thinking machines,
all around me, I see.
But not one number
printed in nature for me!

All is complete.
No system equations.
No variables declared.
No engineering drawings.

Beauteous forms of nature appear,
cunning design of sunrise and flower.
Perceive,smell the fragrance
of her scented boughs.

Come ALIVE in the forest valleys,
L-I-S-T-E-N to the chirping birds,
and the splash of water
against solid rock.

Ripples surging across
my consciousness.
Electricity come alive
in my every fibre!

A mirror,
am I?
Of the Holistic nature
I see around me?

by Suresh R Norman .