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Holistic Nature
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Holistic Nature

The five rivers we can see.....

1) The river of life -                                                                                                                                                                                      nature on planet earth- the planet with running water, with her infinite variety of very intricate life forms and their complex  interactions,including man.

2) The river of truth -                                                                                                                                                                                            of  spiritual matters and the Divine Reality, and the material knowledge of the physical Universe.

3) The river of wisdom and realization-                                                 

the natural and spiritual depths of understanding and wisdom,so much needed in man's world of vastly expanding knowledge.

4)The river of love and forgiveness-                                                        

that overflows in the heart of man,for the human family torn by hatred and division and enables us to learn to love God and man.

5)The river of human technologies-                                                          

spilling over from man's overflowing store of knowledge with new inventions and advanced techniques for human betterment and welfare.



. The Creator meets the Creation  -  the meeting point- INFINITY! ,  the infinity of intelligence and beauty of the Cosmos ( and earth)!

The Creator meets His creation Man- the meeting point - CALVARY! - where man's imperfection is perfectly covered!  




She gave her all

for you.

Toil and all

love and hope,

inspired in your soul.


From day one

till today,

and forever more.....................


Mother is her name!

Wife, her other name!


  Helper in the home,

Soother of tired nerves,

feeder of hungry stomachs!

Comforter when sad,

& Queller when mad!

Woman in her name!




 Life moves on ……and on………



Such a mysterious place

I was living in –

for more than forty years!

( surely I must have been blind!)


On a mystical speck,

I breathe and live –

hurtling through space

(at 8000 Kmph, I’m told!)


Many theories

have been told of you,

and taught in class

(the mystery of reality!)


I sense the flow

of the  river again,

firmly resolved

(ever moving ahead)


Time marches on,

strong, and mocks

the weak mortal

( oh ephemeral creatures!)


Come quickly………

and  move ahead,

for these your footsteps

will soon be dead!






in tomorrows wonders,

and tomorrows worlds!


Nature’s footprints,

God’s hidden hand

are seen here and there,

(by science revealed)-

Nature’s chemistries

The pillow of her dreams!


The merry brook of life

gurgles on,

to tell more stories,

on and on,

and like the sea

with her gushing waves,

covers our footsteps

with splendid ease-


those etched memories


and forever gone!





     Suresh  Norman










miss bye-bye..........

it's time to go

home again!


        another day has come

        another day has gone

        joy is in the air

        and in your steps, too!


racing towards God

and the souls He has made,

spreading cheer

and receiving it too!





A Personal testimony of a miraculous healing -Suresh Robert Norman ( happened in Malaysia)

This is a personal account of a rare experience of mine that occured more than 5 years ago.

I had come on Christmas vacation to India in 2001, and when driving a Kinetic Honda scooter at the Villivakam Railway crossing,Chennai, the stand dropped down and got firmly entrenched between the split sections of a railway track.

 I struggled to prise it away, but failed to do so. Precious seconds were passing rapidly. With the blare of Commuter trains on nearby tracks sending shivers down my spine, I tried to yank my right leg that had got trapped in the track to my right.

Fortunately, I managed to break free and roll the vehicle ahead and had a narrow escape.However, my right small toe gave excruciating pain, and I thought at that time it could be a hair-line fracture .

Since I had to travel overseas within a few days, I decided to attend to it abroad, in Malaysia. However, when I reached Malaysia in January 2002, I postponed  medical treatment since I was busy with my work and was not aware of the best Hospital to visit for Consultation with the concerned Medical personnel.

One day, when sitting cross-legged on a chair at home, in a relaxed manner, I had a very strange experience , that I narrate here.  

I had not particularly cried out to God for a Divine healing or something........but I was in a relaxed and receptive frame of mind. Little did I guess that something mysterious was about to take place.  Suddenly I observed what seemed to be an ellipsoid-shaped heat-ball that was positioned near my right leg, and heat energy seemed to be flowing into the right small toe! This is what I sensed and experienced as per  my thoughts and belief at that moment.

Moreover, there was a sudden decrease in pain, in an exponential manner , and I was quite pain-free the next morning. Also, there was no 'singing' of the skin or flesh in the right small toe!! That seemed very odd to me at that time and I could not explain it except thank God for what seemed to me a personal medical miracle!

The author of this Site is selected for Who's Who in the World,2008

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I remember some of my Teachers in Bombay Scottish HighSchool who helped lay the foundations , for future study in Science and Engineering...................
Ms. Iyer, who taught us very clearly, Additional Mathematics in 10 th and 11th std.Clases.
Mr. C.D. Norman, who took those interesting and lucid Physics Classes at School.  
Mrs. Das ,who took pains to make us understand the principles of Chemistry.
Mrs. Joseph, and her interesting Biology classes and Laboratory.
And many more of those patient and good-hearted teachers who laid the foundations in earlier classes , Mr. Thomas and his Geometry classes,
Mr. Rodriguez , the outstanding artist who taught us Art,  etc.

Poem - Holistic nature